1988 ABCA/Rawlings NJCAA Div. I All-America Teams

1988 -ABCA/Rawlings All-America Teams
NJCAA Div. I All-America First Team
Pos. Player   School State
C Tod Frick   Miami Dade FL
INF James Byrd   Seminole State OK
INF Chris Robinson   St. Louis MO
INF Woody Smith   Spartanbug Methodist SC
INF Dave Whittaker   Middle Georgia GA
DH Mike Brachio   Illinois Valley IL
OF Ernesto Castro   Howard TX
OF Thayer Swain   San Jacinto TX
OF Tony Terzarial   Triton IL
P Rheal Cormier   Rhode Island RI
P Mike DeBrino   Schenectady County NY
P Kelly Lifgren   Glendale AZ
NJCAA Div. I All-America Second Team
Pos. Player   School State
C Chad Stombaugh   Rend Lake IL
INF Mark Andrews   Cleveland State TN
INF Steve Fitzgerald   Brookdale NJ
INF Gregg Goodermote   Duchess NY
INF Terry Letkeman   North Dakota State ND
DH Darren Weisheit   Soustheastern Illinois IL
OF Keith Darter   Richland TX
OF Pat Dolan   Iowa Western IA
OF Richard Pfaff   Essex County NJ
P Mike Brinkman   Middle Georgia GA
P Todd Gramly   Waubonsee IL
P Andy Reich   Louisburg NC
NJCAA Div. I All-America Third Team
Pos. Player   School State
C Mike Daniel   Connors State OK
INF Matt Hudik   Lakeland OH
INF Kevin Walker   Otero CO
INF Randy Wilstead   Utah Valley UT
INF Michael Wright   Selma AL
DH Jim Voth   Monroe NY
OF Bob Ancrum   Housatonic CT
OF Bill Decker   Iowa Central IA
OF J.D. Nolan   Central Florida FL
P Mike Cosman   Northwest Mississippi MS
P Matt Grott   Phoenix AZ
P Ray Huff   Monroe NY