2001 ABCA/Rawlings NJCAA Div. II All-America Teams

2001 -ABCA/Rawlings All-America Teams
NJCAA Div. III All-America First Team
Pos. Player   School State
C Ryan Rogozinski   Naugatuck Valley CT
INF Dan Schoonmaker   Ulster County NY
INF Alan Reichl   Penn State-Beaver PA
INF Tom Brown   Gloucester County NJ
INF Ryan Roberts   Eastfield TX
DH Bill Englehart   DuPage IL
OF Chris Meeks   Eastfield TX
OF Dave Viscusi   Schenectady County NY
OF Jose Valest   Holyoke MA
P Ryan Clark   Owens OH
P Tim Collinsworth   Eastfield TX
P Greg Barnett   Dawson MT
NJCAA Div. III All-America Second Team
Pos. Player   School State
C Justin Stephenson   Montgomery-Germantown MD
INF Brad Ryan   DuPage IL
INF Kevin Boyd   Joliet IL
INF Rick Barrett   Naugatuck Calley CT
INF Shaun McAndrews   Quinsigamond MA
DH Rich Rodriquiz   Holyoke MA
OF Nick Ortiz   Norwalk CT
OF Shawn Smith   Penn State-Beaver PA
OF Sam Jansen   Waukesha WI
P Dennis Eacott   Columbia-Greene NY
P Tony Casoli   Gloucester County NJ
P Bryce Bednarczyk   Columbus State OH
NJCAA Div. III All-America Third Team
Pos. Player
School State
C Justin Hatcher   Eastfield TX
INF Derrick Wright   Columbus State OH
INF Dustin Hejny   Itasca MN
INF Joe Pichler   Montgomery-Germantown MD
INF Silvestre Castro   Hudson Valley NY
DH Robert Schuck   Raritan Valley NJ
OF Tom Janis   Columbus State OH
OF Francois Larmore   Gloucester County NJ
OF Ricky Dietz   Penn State-Beaver PA
OF Bobby Farmer   Montgomery-Germantown MD
P Ryan Bray   Ulster County NY
P Nathan Volk   DuPage IL
P Eric Moreland   Naugatuck Valley CT