2005 ABCA/Rawlings NJCAA Div. III All-America Teams

2005 -ABCA/Rawlings All-America Teams
NJCAA Div. III All-America First Team
Pos. Player   School State
C Steven Hill   Eastfield TX
DH Bill Kenyon   Erie NY
INF Anthony Hayes   Columbus State OH
INF Steve Crawford   Finger Lakes NY
INF Josh Walter   Richland TX
INF Chris Nann   Montgomery-Germantown MD
OF Tim Edmeads   Gloucester County NJ
OF Tim Burns   Itasca MN
OF Clifton Sheffield   Eastfield TX
P Adam Ferrell   Ridgewater MN
P Mike Antonini   Gloucester County NJ
P Kyle Fernandes   Massasoit MA
NJCAA Div. III All-America Second Team
Pos. Player   School State
C Ryan Hannegan   Montgomery MD
DH Chris Anderson   Northern Essex MA
INF Adam DelRio   Northern Essex MA
INF Seth Button   Gloucester County NJ
INF Darren McEvilly   Joliet IL
INF Vincent Zito   Suffolk County-Michael J. Grant NY
OF Dan Gavlick   Burlington County NJ
OF Andrew Damewood   Brookhaven TX
OF Kevin Hoffman   Waubonsee IL
P Ray McDonald   Columbus State OH
P Enrique Lozano   Eastfield TX
P Justin Dickert   Westmoreland County PA
NJCAA Div. III All-America Third Team
Pos. Player   School State
C Anthony Gonzalez   Queensborough NY
DH Christopher Douglas   Middlesex County NJ
INF Felipe Martinez   Queensborough NY
INF Shane Purtill-Legare   Manchester CT
INF Caleb Curry   Minnesota State Community & Tech MN
INF Jamie Terres   Ridgewater MN
OF Ryan Bouck   Columbia-Greene NY
OF Joe Myers   Westmoreland County PA
OF Phil Ashcraft   Clark State OH
P Mike Ziewicki   Erie NY
P Matt Wilson   Cedar Valley TX
P Bill Lewis   Hudson Valley NY