Continuous Years of Membership

Continuous Years of Membership

The American Baseball Coaches Association tracks continuous membership years for all current members. It's a source of pride for ABCA members and it's printed on each membership card.

After a member has 35 continuous years, he is upgraded to a "Lifetime Member" and has a complementary membership for the rest of his life. The ABCA currently has over 300 Lifetime Members.


Want to display your Years Continuous Membership?
Tweet a photo to us at @ABCA1945 to show how many years of continuous membership you have! 


Did you miss a year?
The ABCA allows members to fill in missing years of continuous membership. You may send a payment for those missing years. If you missed a year and would like to upgrade, contact the ABCA office at (336) 821-3140 or email


Is the Years Continuous Membership incorrect on your card?
If your "Years Continuous Membership" is incorrect on your membership card, it's most likely because you were marked as a "new member" instead of a "renewal". You may have changed jobs or joined using a different email address than the one in our system. To ensure that this is correct each year, make sure you log into the renewal system using the email address you previously used (you can update it while renewing). If your Years Continuous Membership is currently incorrect, fill out the form below to get it corrected.
Correct your Years Continuous Membership