ABCA offers Personal Liability Insurance again for 2016-17

ABCA offers Personal Liability Insurance again for 2016-17

The American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) has renewed its $1 million Personal Liability Insurance benefit to all members in the United States beginning Sept. 1, 2016 through August 31, 2017. This coverage typically comes into play when a lawsuit is filed against the coach for bodily injury or property damage.

Members can activate this insurance simply by registering for 2016-17 membership on Sept. 1 at! No further steps are required.

"This benefit was very well received by our members last year and we are happy to be able to offer it again," said ABCA Executive Director Craig Keilitz. "Nobody thinks they are going to face a lawsuit, but it is happening more every year, and our coaches are not covered by their employers in every case. Personal Liability Insurance provides financial assistance and peace of mind for our members."

This coverage is a personal liability policy that follows the member in his/her coaching and teaching capacity of baseball. It is provided through K&K Insurance Group, which is rated "A" (excellent) by A.M. Best. Because it is an Association-held policy, additional insured cannot be added to the policy nor can the limits be changed.

Coaches should be reminded that this coverage does not come into effect until they renew their memberships or join the ABCA. Coverage will run through August 31, 2017. Membership dues are just $45 for the upcoming year. A certificate of insurance will be mailed with the coach's membership card.

If purchased by an individual, similar Personal Liability Insurance coverage would most likely cost over $400 per year.

The ABCA's insurance policy does not cover camps, other events or venues.





The Basics...

Question: Who is eligible for this coverage?
Answer: All permanent residents of the United States who are 2016-17 ABCA members are eligible (membership year runs Sept. 1, 2016 through August 31, 2017).

Question: When does my insurance coverage begin?
Answer: Your coverage begins when you register for 2016-17 ABCA membership.

Question: I was an ABCA member in 2015-16 and have not gotten around to renewing yet. Will I be covered if an incident happens?
Answer: NO. Your 2015-16 coverage expires August 31, 2016.

Question: Do I need to complete any documentation to activate my coverage?
Answer: NO. As soon as your membership registration is processed, your coverage is active.

Question: I need clarification about what my Personal Liability Insurance covers. How can I get answers about this?
Answer: Fill out the Insurance Questions Form. Due to legal constraints, all inquiries must be in writing. We cannot answer any questions over the phone.

Question: Can I increase the coverage of this insurance policy?
Answer: NO. Because it is an Association-held policy, additional insured cannot be added to the policy, nor can the limits be changed.

Question: How do I file an insurance claim?
Answer: You can file a claim online at or by calling 1 (800) 237-2917.

Insurance Coverage Scenarios...

Question: Coach Thomas asks a player to slide into second base during a game and that player breaks his ankle. The parents file a lawsuit against Coach Thomas for damages to the player. Is Coach Thomas coach covered?
Answer: YES. Any player that is injured while playing and sues the insured and the insured is legally liable for the injury; the coverage would be under the Legal Liability to Participants. This is a $1,000,000 limit per occurrence.

Question: Coach Wilson is running an instructional baseball drill at an offsite facility (not his campus or organization's facility). His players break a light fixture at this facility. The facility sues for the cost of light fixture and repairs. Is Coach Wilson covered?
Answer: YES (up to $300,000).

Question: Coach Thomas leases or rents a pitching machine and that machine is damaged in a fire. Will Coach Thomas be covered for the cost of replacing the pitching machine?
Answer: NO. There is no coverage for physical damage for equipment rented.

Question: Coach Jackson is playing catch with a player. The player misjudges the ball and is hit in the face with the baseball. As a consequence, he needs to be taken to the hospital. Is the Coach Jackson covered if sued?
Answer: YES. If sued, Coach Jackson has a defense.
Q: Will Coach Jackson's insurance cover medical costs for the player? A: NO.
Q: Is the player's parents' travel to the hospital covered? A: NO.

Question: As a youth coach, Coach Wilson has to verify the ages of all minor players under the age of 18. The collection of data can consist of birth certificates and social security numbers. If Coach Wilson's files are hacked, compromised or stolen, is the coach covered for identify theft of his players or himself?
Answer: YES. He is covered with limitations, up to $25,000 to investigate the network security issues that were revealed as a result for the hack. He is covered up to $10,000 per person with an aggregate of $100,000 to reimburse Coach Wilson for any sums he becomes legally obligated to pay as damages arising from loss or theft.

Question: Coach Jackson invites players over to his home for an end-of-season barbecue. One of the players is injured while driving an all-terrain vehicle owned by Coach Jackson. Is Coach Jackson covered if sued by parents?
Answer: NO. This insurance does not apply for damages resulting from activities at the coach's home during a non-baseball coaching activity.



Questions regarding the ABCA's Personal Liability Insurance policy must be asked using the Insurance Questions Form. The ABCA staff will respond as soon as possible.

Please Note: Due to legal constraints, all questions must be submitted in writing. We are not able to answer any questions about insurance over the phone.

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