"Calls from the Clubhouse" Episode 1 Twitter Chat Recap

"Calls from the Clubhouse" Episode 1 Twitter Chat Recap

The American Baseball Coaches Association launched the first episode of "Calls from the Clubhouse" podcast featuring Alan Jaeger of Jaeger Sports, Vanderbilt University's associate head coach Scott Brown, Auburn University's head coach Butch Thompson and Oregon State assistant coach Nate Yeskie on Wednesday, April 27. The four coaches then answered fellow coaches' questions as part of the ABCA Twitter Chat (#ABCAchat) on Monday, May 2.

The first "Calls from the Clubhouse" episode revolves around arm health, particularly for pitchers. Jaeger gives listeners an in-depth explanation of his popular Jaeger Long Toss Throwing Program, J-Band routines and the re-launching of his Year Round Throwing Manual, which gives players and coaches a great template for arm training, development and maintenance. in the first segment of the podcast.

The second segment of the podcast welcomed in three of the top pitching coaches in college baseball to elaborate on their personal career development as a pitching coach and ideals and philosophies that govern their plans for arm health and development.

ABCA Calls from the Clubhouse - Episode 1 

On Monday, May 2nd the quartet of coaches hopped on Twitter to continue the conversation with coaches from all across the globe. Coaches from all levels answered questions posed by the ABCA Twitter account, @ABCA1945, and asked their own questions to the participating coaches.

Below is a recap of some of the conversation. You can follow the entire chat by searching #ABCAchat on Twitter and then click the "Live" tab.